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L shaped kitchen designs for you

L Shaped Kitchen Designs

Kitchens come in all shapes and designs, but the most common kitchen design found in many homes is the L-shaped kitchen. An L-shaped kitchen is made of two work spaces that run on adjacent walls, perpendicular to each other providing a seamlessly continuous work top space. Sometimes L-shaped kitchens are also characterized by an island that is located opposite to the corner where these two work spaces meet. This article will tell you all you need to know about L-shaped kitchens.

An L-shaped kitchen offers the maximum flexibility and functionality and also helps in utilizing any given space to the maximum. It also helps in creating different work areas in the kitchen that are much more than the traditional work triangle concept. This shape also makes entertaining and hanging out with friends much easier.

There are two types of L-shaped kitchen designs:

  1. L-shaped kitchen with island
  2. L-shaped kitchen without island

No matter which category your kitchen belongs to you can incorporate the following ideas into the design:

L Shaped Kitchen Designs


  • Flexible design – Ensure that your kitchen has a flexible design that allows you to work with utmost efficiency. You can have the cooking range and refrigerator on one side of the counter top while the sink can be on other side.
  • Lots of storage – There is a lot you can do with an L-shaped kitchen as far as creating storage area is concerned. You can have base cabinets, wall cabinets, shelves and drawers. Many people think that the point where the two legs of the L meet is often a wasted space. But you can even turn that to your advantage. Install a lazy Susan drawer to ensure that you can reach that pesky little corner with ease.
  • Island space – If you have an island in your L-shaped kitchen then nothing can be better. Not only does it provide you with more work space, it allows you to have more storage options and the island also serves as a great breakfast area. You can also hand your pots and pans above the island and have them on display, thus saving more on space.

As we can see from the above an L-shaped kitchen works really well, but if there is an option to add an island to it, then nothing can be better than that. So go ahead, break a few walls and open up your L-shaped kitchen to accommodate an island and you will get the best L-shaped kitchen design.

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