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Deciding on bathroom mirror cabinets?

Mirrors are integral part of any bathroom. Without mirrors, a bathroom is incomplete. However, in today’s houses, space in bathroom is usually pretty scarce. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the space available is utilized properly. There are lots of items that find a place in your bathroom and it is very important that you have an organized place to keep them all.

Mirror cabinets are very helpful in achieving this. Mirror cabinet is a rectangular or square shaped box with storing space and a mirror on the opening door. These are usually wall hanging cabinets, usually hanged above wash basin. Mirror cabinets lets you achieve utilizing a single space for two purposes. It can be used for storage as well as has mirror which otherwise would be installed separately.

Advantages of using Mirror Cabinets:

1. Better utilization of bathroom space.
2. Allows you to keep your daily routine things organized.
3. Lots of bathroom items may be hazardous for children like shaving razor. It is important to keep them out of reach of children and mirror cabinets are the best answer to that.

How to decide what cabinet to use:

When deciding on bathroom mirror cabinets, there are 2 things that are of utmost importance. First is the size and second is material. Size of the mirror cabinet is decided based on the bathroom size. Since it is to be hanged above the basin, width of the basin is usually to be considered as the width of the cabinet. You also need to consider the items that you need to keep inside and hence it has to be designed internally to accommodate them.

Material to be used for mirror cabinet is also of big importance. There are lots of consideration that needs to be taken. With the amount of moisture and water in the bathroom, we need to ensure that cabinet material should be able to sustain that. Color of the cabinet is another consideration. It has to easily fit with the color of bathroom walls.


As we saw, bathroom cabinets now a days form an integral part of the bathrooms and has to be carefully selected keeping all the above thoughts in mind.


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