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5 tips to consider for bathroom shower curtains

With numerous options at present, picking the appropriate shower curtain can be an overwhelming activity. From plastic window curtains to glass doorways, your decision is really dependent on personal choice. However, there are several important factors to take into account as you look around.

Here you can see top five considerations when selecting a bathroom shower curtain.

If budget is an issue, it is always advisable to decide on a shower curtain made of plastic rather than a glass curtain. A top quality curtain, stiff rod and a collection of plastic rings will charge you a maximum of $60. Customized glass doors, on the flip side, can cost between $1,000 – $5,000.
Streamlined, contemporary bathroom décor usually looks perfect with glass curtains. In some cases, shower curtains can create bulkiness and impede the refined environment you may be attempting to attain. Consider who’ll use that particular space. If it is only for the kids, a curtain in a pleasing print is the ideal look for that environment. A glass enclosure, on the other hand, may be more desirable for a master bathtub.
If you are considering a glass curtain but do not wish to pay for the customized design, consider buying a Do-it-yourself kit. Home-improvement shops offer a range of glass shower doorways. And if you wish to install glass alongside your bathtub, you are in luck. The majority of DIY kits are intended for standard sizes of bathtubs. All you actually need is a hacksaw in working condition, silicon and a drill machine. It is not always simple installing a bath door yourself, but you’ll certainly save money on the expense of a customized job.
Water seepage
The major objective of a shower curtain is to retain the water in while you bathe. With curtains, water can continue to drip out – causing mold accretion along the flooring surfaces. Meanwhile, glass curtains can leak as well. Many customized designs feature glass curtains without using hinges or clasps. This is to accomplish a clear and smooth design. However the deficiency of these features means water can drip out of the thin space from the door and pane. The leakage issue is why customized glass curtains are less preferred for kid’s bathrooms.

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