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Some tricky ideas for making bathroom storages

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms of a house. Yet it needs to have space for all the things and activities of everyone.


Here are a few tricks for your sneaky storages in the bathroom:

Keep all the things that you require just at your fingertips- but not on the countertops.
You can make storages by adding some height at the places where there was no storage before.

You can have stacked shelves on such places which don’t even require much material.
You can also install the shelves having inverted brackets for a cute look and also you can just flap your towels and other loose items on it.

You can create a sneaky storage behind your long mirror on the wall to keep your bathroom supplies in it.

Take leverage of all the space under your basin and save yourself some reaching and stooping with sliding drawers.

You can stack the bins in the cabin till its height.
Space behind the door can be used for hanging clothes.
Uniformly hanging baskets in the corners of the bathroom can be used to keep toilet papers and other bathroom amenities.

If your toilet seat is in a nook of your bathroom, you can make a shelf above it to use that space and keep your bath essentials on it.

To keep extra bottle of shampoos and other such bottles relating to bathing and cosmetic needs, you can use the space under the sink to keep a shower caddy in it.

A rustic pallet is a perfect element which is used for both utility purposes, by hanging the jars etc. on it and also as a beauty element.

Some other useful tips

Use magnetic strips to catch items like your tweezers and bobby pins.
Hang a super slim rack on and beside your wash basin for keeping your beauty products.

Drawers and baskets below the sink

A combination of both open storages and drawers makes the most of a double vanity. Drawers help keep small essential items like toiletries and makeup while baskets help in keeping towels.

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