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Modernize your kitchen with stainless steel kitchen island

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

You may have seen many different types of kitchen islands in different materials and colors, but there is something about a stainless steel kitchen island that sets it apart from other islands. A kitchen island made of stainless steel looks more elegant and highly professional; just as a chef’s kitchen island would be. And it is more practical and functional too when you compare it with other materials.

However before you go on a shopping spree there are some things you need to keep in mind. This article will give you some tips on how to buy a stainless steel kitchen island and also how to maintain and keep it clean and shiny always.

  • You may opt for a design that has stainless steel all over the island. This gives the island a professional and industrial look.
  • Another option is to only have the work top made out stainless steel while the rest of the island is wood or ceramic or any other material.
  • There are also some readymade standalone kitchen islands made of stainless steel that are readily available in the market. You just need to buy one and place it in your kitchen.
  • Make sure that you incorporate a bit of color and not just let everything be made of steel. A pop of red or orange in an otherwise sleek stainless steel kitchen will make it look even more beautiful.

And here are some tips on cleaning your stainless steel kitchen island for that sparkly look:

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island - 1

  • Clean the surface with a microfiber towel and warm water. Just using these two things on a regular basis is actually more than enough to keep your stainless steel kitchen island clean, shiny and hygienic. Always remember to keep the surface dry as leaving it wet can cause water marks on the surface.
  • Sometime you may have really tough stains on your stainless steel work top and you may be forced to use detergent. Don’t be afraid to do that but make sure you use a mild detergent that does not harm the surface. This will also help in avoiding chemicals from seeping inside and ruining your food.
  • Even long standing can be removed if they are on a stainless steel surface. Just use white vinegar and soda, both items easily found in any household, to clean off the stains in an instant. The baking soda also acts likes a soft scrub and can turn a dull and old looking surface into something that looks like it has just been bought from the store.

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