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Movie in the hot tub

Ever since watching the movie “Scarface” many years back, it has always been a dream to spend my Saturday morning in Jacuzzi holding a cold drink in my hand, all while watching a few of my favorite shows. After a few years, I still am living in the same house and its bathrooms are too small for a Jacuzzi but thanks to the lowering prices of electronics buying a TV for my tub is no longer a dream out of my grasp.


Like all electronic devices, the TV should not be allowed to get wet no matter what the waterproofing standard on it is. Having it too close to the tub may end up getting it wet and damaging it in the long term. The ideal position would be to have it a few feet outside the tub area facing right at the tubs head (you wouldn’t want to turn your head to watch TV while chilling in the tub). Having a transparent layer of plastic or a glass is advisable if you are not taking a bath in steamy hot water, but this often tends to fog up the glass and decrease the visibility of the TV. But this would be useful for keeping the TV away from the water. It should be kept at a higher position than a normal living room setup helps in keep it safe.


It is obvious to suggest to buy a waterproofed TV. As already stated, TVs and Water don’t go hand in hand and the last thing you would want is to fry your old living room TV’s circuits by installing it in the washroom. Also, the risk of being electrocuted must always be concerned so care must be taken that the wiring is all properly installed.

Having a TV in the washroom is more of a high society thing so this kind of an upgrade would generally be considered as an upgrade in the social status. But of course, using an IPad or any tablet mounted on a stand and a good Bluetooth sound system is a valid and cheaper replacement to this. But that wasn’t just what Tony Montana was using

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