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Ideas of bathroom vanities with sink tops

Setting up a bathroom vanity unit can be done easily yourself. This is one renovation process that can be done swiftly in no time. It takes little time when compared to installing or renovating the base cabinets in a kitchen.

Top and Sink Included:

A lot of bathroom vanity units come with a top and sink. For setting up the bathroom vanity, just put together the units in their places using the attachments given and do the plumbing and it is done. The work is made even easier by purchasing vanity units that have pre-drilled tops with sinks and those which are already paired with the fixtures.

Easy installation:

The bathroom vanity units are mostly free-standing units that require only a few minutes of work in setting them up and running. All you need to do is to fasten up the screws into the fixtures and then it is over.

Available in various sizes:

The bathroom vanity units can be found in any size and measure as small as 24 inches to even a bigger size of 60 in width. Some units measure even as large as 72 inches wide but they are not bought by many. The large vanity units having a width of 60 inches can easily hold two sinks separately. To accommodate a large sink basin a bathroom vanity unit that is about 48 inches wide is sufficient though it is not wide enough for two sinks.

Saves cost involved in installation

Assembling the bathroom vanity is the toughest part but the installation of the vanity with tops and sinks included is very much easy and can be done in a few minutes. Thus it saves a lot of money by making installation easier as you don’t have to pay for labor. The money can be saved to use them on renovating other parts and accessories of your bathroom.

Parts can be shipped easily

The bathroom vanity units are easily transferrable to your place through shipping. They are packed well and shipped in separate units to be fixed in your home when purchased from an online store. The charges for shipping the bathroom vanity units are also very cheap.


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