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Savvy bathroom vanity storage ideas

All of us deal with bathroom clutter that increases with the number of lotions, makeup, aftershaves, potions and pieces of jewelry we add up to it. Before you know it, your bath tub can disappear with the heaps of unwanted items and gets difficult to sort out. If your bathroom has a similar situation, it’s the time to consider the space of your bathroom and organize things with these handy bathroom vanity ideas.

Convenient Stepstool

If you are designing a new bathroom with limited space or trying to redecorate your existing bathroom, smart furniture like a pullout stepstool would help you save some valuable space on the floor. You can consider placing the vanity sink off-center to accommodate few vanity drawers while enjoying more counter space and space under your sink. A pull out jewelry drawer can be a great way to save space while keeping the jewelry out of sight and safe. If you are not so good at organizing and de-cluttering, drawers can prove to be an amazing way to house all the bits and bobs quickly.

Open Shelving

Storing your bathroom items in an open, contemporary style, sleek vanity can provide a spa-like look and feel to your bath. It is a good idea to expose the things rather than hiding them. This can add more appeal and beauty to the bathroom vanity. Shelves can be perfect for storing baskets and towels while drawers can be used for keeping beauty products and personal items safe. The shelves and drawers make it easier achieving an uncluttered, clean look while saving the floor space.

Wall mounted Storage

If you wish to make your bathroom vanity fully functional, you can achieve plenty of easy storage with wall mounted storage shelves above the vanity. Designed to serve large number of people living in and visiting the house, this vanity design makes your bathroom an expansive one. It features a large number of closed cabinet storage while the large sink protects the cabinets against water. The open shelves above the sink give easy access to towels and other necessities. This design makes it easy cleaning the floor and saves the floor space as well.



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