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Lighting your bathroom

Illuminating your home is one of the toughest chores because you have to ensure that all the lighting systems are perfect for a particular room. The same applies to the bathroom; you have to select the lights carefully because they will always have an impact on the fell of the bathroom space and its general look. There are therefore two lighting styles that are perfect for the bathroom, the bright lights that fit perfectly well near your dressing mirror and the soft lighting system to illuminate the rest of the room.

The soft lighting will give your bathroom a cool feel making it a perfect zone where you can relax and have a long soothing bath, while the bright light near the mirror will be used only when you are shaving, applying makeup or dressing near the mirror.

Bathroom wall lights

There are various types of lights that fit perfectly well in the bathroom and they are also very affordable:

Bow wall light

The bathroom wall light has an opal glass center while its finishing is made from well polished trimmed chrome. It is fixed on the wall of the bathroom and is very easy to use because it comes with its own pull switch.

Large wall light

It is an LED type of lighting, designed in a tubular shape with its own pull switch. The LED is built in making it one of the most durable lights and it also has an acrylic shade that is white in color.

4 Light

The lighting system is made up of four glass shades that are opal with bulbs that have already been fixed. It has a metal handle and chrome finishing and always gives the bathroom a cool look.

Dayton Wall Light

You will love its results when you fix it above the mirror because of the extra light that it provides. It is double edged but tubular in shape and the glass shades can be easily unscrewed especially when you want to replace the tube.

Switched wall bathroom light

It is made of duplex glass and a curved plate that is furnished with chrome. The torch like bulb is designed in such a way that it brings out a touch of elegance and style in the bathroom and if your bathroom is the classic type then you will be extra delighted because it fits in it perfectly well.

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