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How to manage window of your bathroom

It is extremely important to add a window in every bathroom of your house for proper ventilation. Bathroom window is just not a style or fashion that’s why proper planning and careful design requires to transform the appearance of your bathroom. It will be inappropriate if we ignore the importance of our bathroom window. Bathroom window has functional value but adding design to it will bring a significant aura around the room. window treatment will bring a softness around your bathroom while privacy if we consider some factors such as resistance, light, privacy, maintenance before you search the market for possible solutions.

What you need to consider

Before you start to look for window treatment options you must note few points. The location of window should be the first consideration. Afterwards, you need to decide covering possibilities and maintenance cost. It is mandatory to pick something long-lasting and water resistance covering for your window as bathroom is the most humid place of a house. Furthermore, many people with space problem use bathroom for dressing purpose as well that’s why I don’t need to tell you the importance of light and privacy around bathroom area. You can always keep option for natural lighting but privacy consideration should be the first priority.

What is the style

You can select from many available styles such as casual, formal, contemporary and traditional according to your lifestyle and latest trend. You can also categories you window design either masculine or feminine but mostly I would prefer neutral combination for bathroom. Proper window treatment will enhance the look of your bathroom and vice versa. Therefore, you need to pick the right place for your window and its better if you maintain a distance form shower.


Window Treatment Ideas

Whether you are planning a new house or renovating your bathroom, you can select any option from below:

Blinds- it not only can provide privacy but allow light to enter the bathroom area. It’s easy to use, suits with wide range of décors and also adds softness in bathroom.
Curtains- Due to the humidity issue curtain may seems a bad idea but proper planning and right fabric selection will change the view. You can also wash them regularly while you have the option to use only the bottom part.

Shutters-it’s easy to control and maintain and also it allows them to open halfway for ventilation. Plastic and wood shutters is the most common option for bathrooms.
Window film and glass- It’s not very expensive and requires low maintenance. It also allows natural light and gives you bathroom modern look.

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