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Cabinet paints: best options

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets face the most daily. They are daily used and get worn out and dirty as and when used. The food oil, spices and food fumes may make them greasy and dark. If the cabinets are sturdy enough a repaint option is the best to go for. There are various options one can go for when planning to paint the kitchen cabinets. The fresh paint can help in revamping the look and feel of the kitchen along with transformation of the kitchen cabinets. One can hire a professional for the job or can take it up on their own, as this can be a fun thing to do along with being easy on the pocket.

Kitchen cabinet paint options

On the basis of the kitchen cabinet material one can choose the kind of paint to use. There are number of paint options available for painting kitchen cabinets which include, Oil paints and acrylic paints. Before applying paint one should be sure that they are initially clean and then coated with a primer. For wooden or laminates an oil based primer is a good option. Topcoats can be oil based or water based latex paints. Both the paints have pros and cons, and one can decide on the basis of their preferences.

Pros and cons of oil based and latex paints

Oil based paint give a thick hard shell when it dries off which makes them very durable and sturdy. But the paint gives out strong fumes and odor which makes it difficult to work with. It is also increases post painting job of cleaning.


On the other hand, water based latex paints, do not release strong fumes which makes it an easy option to work with. It dries out quickly and the mess formed can be cleaned easily with cleaning soap.

Painting aids

Painting can be done with paint brushes, rollers or spray paints. Paint brushes and rollers give good finishing and neat work, unlike spray painting that offers smooth finish but needs to be worked outdoors or with some preparation of masking the rest of the areas like the cabinet interiors, countertops etc.

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