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Cheap kitchen that looks classy

Cheap Kitchen

Whenever anyone thinks about renovating the house, the first thing they think of renovating is their kitchen. But kitchen renovation does not come cheap. There are so many elements to it that if you decide to change everything at once it is sure to cost you a lot. Yet, there are some tips and tricks that can help you get a new looking kitchen at some very reasonable cost. This article will give you some great ideas on how to redesign a cheap kitchen.

    • New handles and knobs – Most of the times the handles and knobs on cabinets and drawers lose their shine. Just changing these small items can make your drawers and cabinets look new.
    • Paint it up – You could also try putting a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen. You can either paint all of it or just choose to paint the cabinets or the walls. Try adding a bright color for that extra funk.
    • Open shelves – Now you can achieve this look in two ways. You could either remove the doors of existing cabinets and make them look like open shelves or if you have some empty space on your walls simply install some shelves in any haphazard manner to display cool artifacts.
    • Change the lights – Completely replace your boring old lights with colorful light fixtures. You could opt for pendant lights with diffusers or go for drum lights with great textured cover on the drum.
    • Change the backsplash – Completely renovate only the backsplash as it has the most potential to get dirty over the years. Go for modern designs and use bright colors to instantly freshen up the look of your kitchen.

Cheap Kitchen

  • Replace the countertop – As with the backsplash you could also think about changing the countertop. Countertops tend to wear out over the years no matter what material they are.
  • New flooring – The kitchen floor witnesses walks, runs, spills, scratches and so much more. Try to replace the kitchen floor if you can.
  • Bring in the nature – Even if you add a few elements such as a flower vase with colorful bright flowers or a fruit bowl to your kitchen, you can make it feel new and fresh.
  • Get new appliances – Sometimes just changing your old appliances can do the trick. Make sure they are in a different color so if you had white appliances before, go for black or stainless steel variety this time.

The trick is not to change everything at once. Incorporate a few of these above mentioned changes and get yourself a fresh, new and cheap kitchen.

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