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Commercial kitchen design layouts – the restaurant way!

Commercial Kitchen Design Layouts – The Restaurant Way!
There is no perfect commercial kitchen layout and each establishment is unique and works differently than others. Hence, it is important to decide what suits your kitchen goals the best. However, there are some basic layouts for commercial kitchens that succeed in blending kitchen components and design principles effectively.

Island Style Layout
This layout places the ranges, ovens, gills, fryers and other cooking equipment in a single module at the center while other sections are positioned on the perimeter walls in a good order. It is a very open layout and promotes supervision and communication and leaves a lot of open floor space to make it easy cleaning. It works best for a large kitchen with a square shape and can be well modified to fit other sizes and shapes.
Zone Style Layout
In this layout, the kitchen is set up in smaller blocks with the main equipment positioned along the walls. The sections are designed to follow appropriate order giving an increased flow. You get a storage block, a dishwashing block, food preparation block and others. In this layout, supervision and communication are not difficult as the center of the total space is open.
Assembly Line Layout

This configuration is perfect for kitchens which require serving large number of people quickly such as correctional facilities and cafeterias. This layout works better for those establishments having limited menu serving large quantities of food of same type. Examples are pizza shop or sandwich parlor. Kitchen equipment in this layout is organized in a single line with preparation area at one of the ends and service area at the other. The storage area and cleaning area can be located anywhere behind the assembly line for keeping them out of the way. This creates efficiency and also keeps space for good flow and communication. Kitchen equipment can often be linked together to further eliminate the wasted space.
Choose any of this restaurant style layout you find the best for your commercial kitchen and enjoy designing it the restaurant way. Organize the kitchen components like storage, cleaning, meal cooking, service and food preparation in appropriate pattern to enhance the efficiency and performance of your kitchen.

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