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Compact kitchen design and ideas

Space will never be enough in as far as kitchen construction is concerned. But what if you do not have the space? WHAT should you do? The compact kitchen is a solution to your space woes. For you to be able to accommodate all utensils, pots and food in the kitchen, you must first make a good kitchen design. So do not haphazardly put the stuff in boxes, without having a previously created design.

Elements of a compact kitchen

There are a number of fixed elements that your kitchen – compact or non-compact – must possess. A sink, stove, oven and refrigerator are required in contemporary cooking. Unfortunately, these are also household appliances that take a lot of space. Fortunately, the devices are nowadays available in compact sizes. Additionally, you can choose a refrigerator or freezer to oven with microwave function. So you have two devices in one, giving extra comfort without losing space.

The compact kitchen set up

If you are facing the choice of kitchen layout, you have a few options. There is the kitchen in U-shape, the G-kitchen and the kitchen island. The most logical arrangement for a compact kitchen is the corridor model. A corner model seems to take much circulation space.

Compact Kitchen - 1

Compact Kitchen


Once the shape is chosen, the next tip is to use all available space by placing cabinets above the sink. Cabinets can be mounted up to the ceiling board. . The kitchen stuff that you put at the top should be the ones that are less used. The compact kitchen set up is recommended because it helps you to create extra storage space and there will be no dust to lie on the tables.

You can choose to increase the worksheet instead of the usual 60 centimeters to 70 centimeters. This allows you to install the kitchen sink without losing much space. Leverage the back wall of the kitchen: this wall has enough space to hang utensils.

Compact kitchen space saving tips

Some of these tips are very simple, but is very space winning. There are, for example, cutting boards that you can lay on the sink where. This allows you to create extra workspace. By choosing a ceramic hob, you again have a place that you can possibly use (provided he is not in use) to impose things.

Opt for drawers instead of cupboards with shelves. You will get much more than is stored in plain boxes. In addition, trays are much easier; since you can always check the tray back. To make things even clearer, you can buy dividers. This looks a lot neater.

Compact Kitchen

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