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Corner bath

Corner baths are accessories for smaller size bathrooms, are available also for large size bathrooms to provide more premium plush design for the bathrooms. They save lot of space and allow installing other utilities within the bathroom. They come in different sizes and shapes, made of different materials. Corner bath enhances the interiors of the bathrooms.

Corner Bath Varieties

Corner bath come with different features like right hand and left hand designs. Shapes vary from square, rectangle, triangle, semicircular and other different shapes and sizes. Features like whirl, multi jets are available in these baths. With different finishes and materials used for making the corner bath look elegant, and provide sufficient deck space to hold toiletries and hand showers.

Corner Bath Advantages

The advantages of the corner bath are they come in different sizes from smallest to the standard sizes. These are suitable for any size of bathroom.

Increase the floor space:

Since the corner bath sits in one of the corners of the bathroom, it provides lot of floor space, especially in smaller bathrooms. This additional space can be used for installing other utilities like toilet, bathroom organizers, cabinets for storing toiletries and medical supplies.

Stylish in Designs:

Compared to full size regular bathtubs and arrangements, corner baths are more stylish. And helps you to create an experience like a spa at home. It also provides for creative design and utilization of deck spaces.

Wall Space:

Since the bath sits at a corner, you get lot of wall space on both the sides, which can be used to install easily accessible bathroom organizers or cabinets in the available wall space.

Fits any Corner:

The corner baths can be custom designed to fit in the available space.


Corner baths are affordable compared to regular bath tubs, so it saves money.

Problems with Corner Bath


Corner baths are little bulky, even though they fit in the smaller spaces. This is mainly because of the way they are designed.


It is not easy to clean the corner bath because of its design, with greater depth and installed in the corners, reaching to the corners become difficult.

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