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Layout and design of kitchens

A modular kitchen is one of the most convenient things that make cooking a breeze. An organized place for everything to sit and their easy accessibility saves us the hassle of looking everywhere for a particular knife or spoon. But all this can be achieved without compromising on the decorative looks of the kitchen.


This decides the extent of changes that are possible for you to make. Being on a budget forces you to do extensive research to find what is best suited for you and make an efficient plan. This also allows you to keep tabs on everything that is being installed and helps you cut down on the unnecessary things.

Materials of construction:

It’s important to use good quality hinges and desk slides in order for the kitchen to last longer. A poor hinging system may break after a year or two after installation and this may sometimes also lead to the breakage of the door attached to this hinge. The marble or granite countertop that lies over the wood also becomes essential to maintaining the aesthetic feel of the kitchen. Cheap quality marbles tend to be easily susceptible towards staining and even breakage.


This is another important factor which when efficiently done improves the utility of the kitchen. The position of the stove and exhaust, the dishwasher, the sink and the storage units is something that would take some getting used to but this must be set in according to your preference. It is advisable to stick the pattern that you are already used to, just to avoid the risk of hating the kitchen after it is ready. Having an island installed in the middle of the kitchen is not always a good idea as this takes up most of the room. It is only advisable to go for it if you are having ample lot of space to walk around in the kitchen even after sacrificing a lot of space at the center.


It is important to make sure that all the components are easy to clean. The stove which is installed into the cut slot of the granite generally gives you a hell of a time to clean any liquid that is spilled over it. If this isn’t cleaned properly, the liquid seeps into the wood and damages the entire setup. Similar things apply for the location of the dishwasher oven and everything else that would be affected by dust.

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