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How to plan the design of kitchen

When you are designing the kitchen of your new home or remodeling the existing one, you need to start with the design of kitchen. The design will help you to plan out the layout of the kitchen, where you want to place the kitchen counter, the cabinets, the kind of woodwork you want, the shape of the layout and so forth. Once the design is in your mind, you can discuss the details of the same with your designer who can help you turn your dream into reality.

Layout Design

At the start of the design of kitchen, you need to determine the shape of the layout. Will it be a U shaped kitchen or an L shaped kitchen layout depends on the kind of space you have available or the amount of floor space you want to keep open for other fitments. The U shaped table layout in a kitchen usually takes up more space and is recommended for large kitchen spaces. The L kitchen layout is standard for small kitchen spaces.

Planning The Kitchen Counter Placement

Design Of Kitchen - 3

There are many things to be fitted on the kitchen counter top when you are planning for the design of kitchen. Once the countertop material is decided upon, you would have to think about the placement of the gas with the chimney unit, the sink and other sections required for different activities. You might want to place the oven too on the kitchen countertop or somewhere below in the modular spaces.

Wood Work

Whether you are opting for a modular unit or a custom made kitchen, the design of kitchen needs to plan out the cabinet placing, the number of cabinets you need, drawers, shelved units and so forth. The space above the countertop and below it needs to be utilized in order to provide ample storage space for all possible items. The finishes, outer panel design are also important. For those who do not have much idea on this matter can refer to the experts. Once the design is thought out initially, the details can be discussed with an expert before the kitchen project is taken on.

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