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Diy tips for designer bathrooms

Bathroom is really a special part of any home and taking care of its beauty is important. A beautiful, comfortable and stylish bathroom can transform your bathing experience. Modern bathroom designs can set up your room to a spa-like feel with advanced amenities like modular storages, granite countertops, stylish vanities, lavatories and other lifestyle features. Whether you are creating a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one, use these ideas to have a designer bathroom for your lovely home.


Natural Beauty

If you are looking to create a bathing area that is both serene and inviting, you can consider taking inspiration from the nature. This can help you warm the special room with a calming vibe. This theme is one of the most popular ones in recent times and you can easily incorporate it into the bathroom design by introducing earthy materials into it. You can use wooden look tiles or natural stones for flooring and choose a natural scene for feature wall.

Clever Water Control

You can say goodbye to the traditional basin faucets and showers and introduce the user-friendly, smart fixtures like thermostatic mixtures. They control a number of water sources and offer advanced functionality to give the user better control over the water flow and temperature. Double showers are also a great option as they allow multiple people to take shower simultaneously with their own individual settings.


Custom Vanities

It is preferable to use custom vanities over traditional, easily available ones. These are made for individual needs and preferences and match the theme of the bathroom. You can find vanities custom made to complement the sleek and contemporary bathroom design, providing lot of storage space and feeling of spaciousness.

Gray Tones

Gray has recently become a popular choice for bathroom colors and will continue to trend. You can also introduce white slicks to create a sophisticated look with gray. It is also possible to create something bold and attractive with a different color added to the gray scheme.

Reflection of the rest of the Home

A newer and innovative trend in bathroom design is the one that feels like an extension of the living room and not a traditional bathroom. You can make the bathroom a feature of the home by integrating unconventional fixtures, freestanding baths and custom vanities resembling the furniture of the rest of the home.

These design tips are some of the ways that you can create a designer bathroom without having to resort to designers.

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