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The ideal bathroom extractor fan

A bathroom extractor fan as insignificant as it may seem plays a cardinal role in making your bathroom a conducive place. The extractor fun is designed to pull stale air form the bathroom and expel it to the outside thus reducing the moisture content, preventing mildew or mound formation, improving the air quality and extending the lifespan of the bathroom walls, fixtures and furnishings. So what how can one look for ensure an extractor that efficiently executes all duty.

Main considerations

All extractor fans should meet standards of the F building regulations compliance so ensure you get a genuine and legal product for a start. Since extractors often generate heat and noise through their propelling action, heat which can reduce their own lifespan it would be wise to find ones are made of thermoplastic which is able to withstand high temperatures.

How much noise an extractor produces is often determined by the manufacturer and is indicated on the package check the decibel level or some level to decide if you can handle the noise or not keeping in mind though that low noise or silent fans does not necessary promise efficiency. Be cautious not to get an extractor fan who’s on and off this synced with the light bulb switch as will often be turned off before it thoroughly rid the bathroom of the bad air.


Rate Extraction

It’s important to know how much air a single extractor fan can expel per minute or hour, each fan’s capacity is indicated in CFM (Cubic Feet per minute) and a minimum of 50 CFM will do just fine.

Mounting point

Different extractor fans will have different and specific mounting points and this for you to decide if the fan is to be placed in the exterior walls implying you have get wall mounted fan that will expel air directly to the outside. A ceiling mounted fan will extract air to the roof via duct pipes. While an inline fan will extract air through either ceiling or walls.

Look for additional features such as speed settings, automated timers and humidistats and remember while for some a Do-it-yourself installation may work, getting a professional is a better idea.

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