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Installing a flat-pack kitchen in the house of your dreams

Have you recently moved into a new house? Is it a piece of property which you want to design to your taste? Are you lusting after a swanky kitchen model that you can create with specifications suited to your taste? Well then, the flat-pack kitchen is a boon sent from heaven!

What is a flat-pack kitchen?

A flat pack kitchen is a customizable do-it-yourself variety of kitchen equipment sent by the manufacturer which can be re-assembled to create a kitchen tailored to suit your needs. It comes with all the cabinetry, fittings, handles, benchtops and all necessary paraphernalia which can be placed together like a jigsaw puzzle to get a brand new cooking place. It all begins with the germ of an idea suited to your tastes which elaborates into a plan and finally is sent to you to rearrange into something fresh.


Pros of having a flat-pack kitchen:
1. They are available in many sizes and shapes. So, with all the necessary measurements you can come with a kitchen set to fit into your kitchen space. All you need to do is provide the specifications to your manufacturer who will send to you the packaged equipment.

2. In one package, you are guaranteed almost everything to set up your kitchen. So you don’t need to worry about hopping from one shops to another to search for the best deals on offer or run after architects who can build your kitchen for you.

3. The price is much lesser than a kitchen that is designed, built and installed for you. Thus you end up saving loads of cash.

4. It’s easy-to-use and doesn’t attract much fuss while putting it together.

Some of the components of Flat-pack kitchens:

1. Cabinets in the form of kitchen base cabinets with one/two/three door(s), or drawer cabinets, or wall cabinets, or pantry cabinets, or broom cabinets.
2. Oven bases in the form of wall oven base and under bench oven cabinets.

3. Sets of three or four drawers.

4. Wire ware in the form of racks or baskets to contain the utensils.

5. Laminated benchtops which are generally moisture resistant.

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