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Galley kitchen designs

Each one of us takes their own sweet time to select a kitchen they like. They want their kitchens to be a stand out and display their own personality. And why not, most of our times are spent on the kitchens. A lot of things come together when a person is selecting and zeroing down on the kitchen design and the kitchen décor.
In this article, we are discussing the galley kitchen designs. Let us begin with what a galley kitchen is

Galley kitchens are a long and narrow kitchen structure. They almost represent the galley of the boats. As the name suggests, these kitchen styles are in fact inspired from the kitchens of planes and ships.
If you have a shortage of kitchen space, galley kitchen is the answer to your troubles! Having a galley kitchen will ensure that the small space has been used fully as well as give your house a new outlook with the galley kitchen!
There are two parallel counters and the kitchen’s essential components are generally made available on the parallel sides of the counters, One side can have the fridge, the oven and the parallel side can have the kitchen stove and the cook top.

Here are some of the possible galley kitchen designs
The main point to note when designing a galley kitchen is that the parallel counters have to be arranged such that all the essential components of the kitchen are accessible. On every galley kitchen design, this had to be maximized!
1. A U shaped design
Having a U structure will ensure that you use enough space to make your galley kitchen. It also ensures that you can use the height of the ceiling and the kitchen lights. If you want to feel a generous space, you need a U shaped galley kitchen.
2. A beautiful white
Just go the subtle way and have a white texture to your galley kitchen. You will both get a clean and a modern look to your kitchen. You can couple the white with a few shades of grey.
3. Add the edge
There is anyway not too much place to do things to your galley kitchen. One way you can still add glamour is by adding the edge. Add a chalkboard to make the kitchen look fancy. The chalkboard can also be very useful otherwise.

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