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Selecting the best small kitchen layouts

The kitchen layout for small kitchen should be based on the functionalities you are expecting from it. You also need to consider the maximum utility of the space. Always consider small kitchen layouts which provide easy traffic flow in the kitchen. There are different layouts available and all you need to do is select it according to your lifestyle and food cooking and serving needs.

Consider The Functionalities

All small kitchen layouts should serve the purpose of cooking the food, storage of food and washing and cleaning up. Your work triangle should include the cooking station, storage station and washing station. You will need a countertop in the cooking station and all your cooking appliances should be placed here. In the storage station you can place refrigerator and store your food items. In the washing station, you can position the dishwasher, waste disposal items and the sink.

Select The Suitable Layouts


The primary small kitchen layouts include the G-shaped layout, U shaped layout, L shaped layout, galley layout. The G shaped layout offers great storage space and are suitable for large families with multiple cooking tasks. U shaped layout offers the most efficient work triangle and is well suited for working women. If you are looking for compact layout go to the L shaped kitchen. If you have very minimal kitchen space you can opt for galley kitchen where the kitchen will be located along a single wall.

Organize The Kitchen

Selecting the best small kitchen layouts alone will not ensure the efficiency of the kitchen. You need to organize your kitchen properly so that you will have the necessary space. Remove unwanted items from the cabinets and keep the useful and needed items in the cabinet. Avoid cluttering your counter top so that you will feel that your kitchen is having more space. You can use portable workstations with cabinets so that you can keep it in a closet when you are not using it. Use light colors to paint the small kitchen walls and select smaller sized vessels and pots to use in your kitchen so that the storage will be easy and not cramped.

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