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Add glass shelves in your bathroom

Extend the storage space in your bathroom by adding glass shelves, which give very neat and simple, yet classy look. You can utilize it for putting number of bathroom essentials like shampoo, towel, body wash, brush kit, etc and can arrange in the way you want. Thus regularly used materials are no more dispersed in bathroom, but instead arranged in a proper manner at a single place on glass shelves.


Why glass shelves:

If you have less space in your bathroom, then glass shelves is the great solution to it. They look great and add cleanliness to your bathroom. Moreover, it demands no extra space, as it can be easily mounted on wall without any professional help. Also, if it is mounted at appropriate place, then accessibility to things also become easy. Cleaning and keep up of glass shelves is also easy. You can find large varieties of glass shelves in the market and that too at reasonable price. Thus, glass shelves are best choice, because they are available at low price, demands less maintenance and add beauty too.


Bathroom glass shelves come in various designs in terms of size and thickness of glass, shape of shelves, material and look of clamps, number of shelves, etc. More the size and thickness of glass shelves more will be its durability. Number of shelves depends on storage requirement. If you have more material to keep, go for two- three shelves unit, otherwise single shelf. Beauty of glass shelves is majorly dependent on its shape and clamps. Go for trendy and stylish clamps and shape should be selected as per the space available and structure of bathroom. Many shapes like semi circle, rectangle, square, corner shelves, etc are available in the market.

Where to place it:

It is better to go for wall mounted glass shelves than floor shelves, so that bathroom space is not compromised and no risk of breaking by small kids. You should also consider your conveniency, thus place it in such a way so that you can access all bathing material very easily. You can also mount it in corner by using corner glass shelves. And if want to keep brush kit on glass shelves, it can be place over bathroom sink.


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