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Gray colored kitchen cabinets are ultimate choice.

There is great trend of gray color kitchen cabinets. The normal white and black color cabinets have become very common now, so people try to get unique color kitchen cabinets and nowadays grey color is the top choice among people. You might consider gray color very simple, but it can give a beautiful twist to your kitchen, if you select kitchen cabinet of correct hue of gray color.

Shades of gray color:

You can find wide range of lighter to darker shades of gray color like light gray, medium gray, dark gray, gunmetal gray, bluish gray, purplish gray, slate gray, dove gray, gainsboro, silver gray and many more. You need to select whether to go for darker or lighter hues. If you are getting enough light in your kitchen, then you can go for dark shades like dark gray, gunmetal, etc and if want bright kitchen, then go for lighter shades like medium gray, ash gray, silver gray, bluish gray, etc. Also be careful that whatever shades you select, it should complement with your kitchen walls and other decors.

Kitchen worktops with gray cabinets:

For giving an elegant look to your overall kitchen, it is very important to match all other accessories with your kitchen cabinets and the most important is kitchen worktop. Since gray is neutral color made by combination of black and white, it matches well with white, black, brown color of worktops. White and black plain or fleck marble goes well with grey cabinets. White marble looks prettier. Moreover wooden worktops with light shades also look great.

Kitchen cabinets with two colors:

You can also combine other color cabinets with gray cabinets. E.g. Keep your upper kitchen cabinets of white color, while bottom cabinets of grey color. In this way you can go for different combination of color cabinets in different way. Cream color also goes well with dove gray. Gray color combination with wood cabinets is also a good option. Lighter and darker shades of gray also look beautiful. E. g Medium gray matches well with charcoal gray. Moreover, stainless steel appliances with gray cabinets too enhance the look of your kitchen.

Thus, you can select any shade of gray kitchen cabinet as per your requirements and other d├ęcor of your house like kitchen walls, dining table, chair, flooring, etc. So, you need to purchase that gray shade cabinet that complements all other elements of kitchen.

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