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How to build a kitchen island with a sink

The kitchen is currently more popular and more people have started setting it up in their own kitchens. Whether designed as a simple countertop or as a more complex unit, complete with a sink and a stove; the kitchen island certainly has many advantages. For one thing, it makes working in the kitchen more efficient because of the added work space it offers. It also acts as a divider, so that distractions are avoided by people in and out of the kitchen while you are doing your tasks.

It can also be used for the storage of utensils and other devices as well. By placing a number of stools, you are able to use it as an additional dining area. Having one installed can cost you a good deal of money so if you want to be practical and within a budget, you can create a kitchen island with things you have at home.

Kitchen island cabinets add functionality and panache to the workspace. If the sink is located on the island, it can provide an extra 6 square meters of usable counter. The project will be a challenge as far as sanitation is concerned, but it can be treated by the avid do-it-yourself homeowner. As a precaution to local regulations, it is worth noting that the activity can affect your homeowner insurance.

Instructions on how to build a kitchen island

How To Build A Kitchen Island

  1. Mark the floor where the kitchen island will be installed. The discharge conduit for the sink must be the focal point of the island. Place the three cabinets side by side with the cistern in the center. Drill countersunk holes in the face frame of the sink cabinet; one at the top of the door opening and one at the bottom. Apply glue to the edges of the face frame, clip it and put it with the drywall screws. You should also secure it by its ends to the rear of the cabinet.
  1. Set the kitchen island on the marks and draw the outline around the base of the cabinets on the floor. Move the island out of the way and make different brands 9 / 16ths of an inch in circumference as the end panels are 1/2 inch thick or 13 / 16ths of an inch for the purposes that are 3/4 inch thick. Install the blocks on both sides and behind the front line of the sink cabinet. Use a masonry bit and anchors if the floor is concrete.
  1. Set the kitchen island back into place Adjust if necessary with wooden wedges. Secure it to the floor by the closet in the blocks.
  1. Install the quarter-inch plywood panels at the back and sides of the island with the 3/4-inch brads. Cut the corners where the panels meet outside the corner mold.
  1. Turn the counter and measure from one end and make a mark in the middle. Place the cutout template that was on the counter by the sink and trace its perimeter on the counter.
  1. Cut the four lines up to the point where the corner of the basin stops. Allow to stop the blade before removing it to avoid injury. Cut the corners with the jigsaw. Turn the sink and put it on the island cabinet following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The above instructions, when followed to the dot, can aid you on how to build a kitchen island.

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