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Steps to kitchen cabinet installation

If you are planning to replace old cabinets with new cabinets, then no need to hire a professional for installation. Installation is very easy and can be conveniently carried out by you without any help. Just you need to ensure that all tools and equipments are available with you that are required for installation. Also old cabinets should be removed, before new cabinets arrive. Let’s see the steps that guide you in installing your kitchen cabinets.


Before ordering new cabinets from vendors, you need to take measurements of cabinet space in terms of how much space you want to be occupied by the cabinets. You should also make layout to make out how much cabinets are required for upper and base space. Also decide, about what size and patterns of cabinet you want for your kitchen. You also need to measure the distance between upper and bottom cabinet’s placements, so mark it to fix it at proper place. Thus, all such measurements are to be decided before ordering and installation.

Fix upper cabinets:

First assemble all individual units of upper cabinets through fastening from inner side. Make sure that all cabinets are cling to each other tightly and in proper level. Then hold the whole assembled cabinets to the wall and mark the holes with pencil, where screws have to be secured. Make holes in the walls with drilling machine. Hold cabinet and screw it.

Fix base cabinets:

For base cabinet’s installation, it is very important to see the level of floor. If it is not in level, then find out the heighted position in floor and measure the distance from the wall. Draw horizontal line on the wall to install all cabinets at same level. Make holes in the wall by drilling machine and attached cabinet to the wall through screwing tightly. In the same way, all other cabinets should be fitted one by one.


After installing all cabinets, check whether the cabinets are place in level or not. All fittings should also be checked. In the final stage, doors are attached to each cabinet through simple fastenings. Drawers should also be placed in cabinets through rolling. And at the end, hardware should attach to all doors and drawers and is ready for use.

Thus installing kitchen cabinets is very easy and can be done in one day without taking any expert’s help.

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