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What to know before you set up your own kitchen bar

Having your own bar in the kitchen is quite fun, as well as practical. A big reason for not having one is the expense associated with it- but as it is with every problem, there is always a solution to that as well. So if you want to set up your kitchen bar without spending a fortune on it, then read on for some of the most useful tips and suggestions in doing the same.

Sizing up the location and determining the kind of bar

If you have a small space to setup the bar, then you’d want a flexible addition to your bar, something like a cart or a bar on wheels. The best part about getting this is negligible maintenance and zero requirement for any kind of plumbing. If the area you’re designating for your bar has ceiling, then you can add track lighting or pendant above it, which would also help in creating a focal point on the bar. Making it the central location in your entertaining space is quite the idea, isn’t it?

Setting up your bar in an outdoor kitchen

If you have an outdoor kitchen, then adding a bar there would not only be visually appealing but would also serve as quite the chilling spot for you. However, before everything else, you’ll need to compare the climate difference with your indoor space. Cold, heat and humidity affect all parts of your kitchen, so you will need materials that would be durable against all such elements.


Choose your cutlery wisely

If you are setting up your bar outdoors, then you will have to give some thought about the glassware and other accessories which you are using in order to avoid any accidents. For indoor environments, glassware is a good option, but make sure that it is away from the cooking area to avoid it getting damaged or defaced by heat or steam.

Storing the drinks

There’s no point in having a bar in your kitchen if the fridge is a little too far away from it. Consider getting a mini-fridge to store your drinks, or if it gets too expensive, then you can make your kitchen bar nearer to the fridge so that the drinks as well as ice is easily accessible.
Setting up your own bar can be quite the exciting task, but getting started on it is where most people get stuck on. Hopefully these tips should be enough for you to get started on making your own kitchen bar!

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