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Color you kitchen and season it with love!!

Kitchen Colours

A delicious home cooked meal is what most of expect and look forward to after a tiring day outside. Immediately this need automatically brings our feet to the kitchen. It is true that kitchen is the heart of the home and for many of us, the center and the most important room of the house itself. Therefore, we want to make this space the most beautiful than anything, and a dull kitchen is the last thing anyone would ever want. Most people go with their favorite shades to make rooms prettier, however that might not always be a good idea. Some of the prettiest colors may not look good in your kitchen, therefore here are some color pattern ideas that will bring warmth to your kitchen and brighten them up.
• Urban chic
Not all of us prefer bright colors and that is perfectly okay. You can make your kitchen urban chic by the perfect shade of white. For this you can use cool white shade which is called the Dover white 6385. Many people enjoy the simplicity that the white color brings in the room, and that is why they opt for white. The shade of the white however is an important decision to make, as not every shade will make your kitchen look simple and chic at the same time.
• Pop up colors
This one is specifically favored by people who have white shades as their kitchen colors. White clean white marble table tops and white shelves, it is a very good idea to have pop up colors for accessories. Plain white may began to look too simple and dull; therefore some designs and accessories of colors like bright blue or green will stand out in your kitchen.
• Orange or yellow patterned “sunny colors”
Bright colors like orange and yellow instantly light up the kitchen. The warmth of such bright colors make the essence of the room feels more light and calm. Just like the first ray of sunshine, the orange or bright yellow will create a livelier, a more cheerful and positive atmosphere. This is especially good option for small kitchens, because yellow can make the room feel brighter and bigger and the color goes well with white and grey accents as well.
• Mint or chic green
A green is a good option to choose from for kitchen. The two most favorite shades of green that are most popular among kitchen colors are the mint green and apple green. As the color meshes well with wooden accents and pairs in nicely with white, green is a popular color chosen for kitchens.

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