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Kitchen countertop ideas

One of the most important parts of the kitchen that makes or breaks the overall look of the kitchen is the counter top. For a beginner, it may not seem much of importance to have the right counter top for the kitchen, but for kitchen lover or simply the one who is doing the cooking, knows that a good quality counter top is needed as well as the one which will suit your style. This is your space, this is where you will prepare food and have casual meals and breakfast with friends, family and relatives, or perhaps teach you kids and make them do homework or even pay your bills. No matter how many countertop accessories you buy, to make your countertop look fancy as possible, you will need a good kitchen countertop not only for its durability but also to give your kitchen character, a special unique feature that complements your style.
Thankfully there are many varieties of counter tops you can choose from to meet your kitchen style. Some of them are :
• Ultra Compact Surface Countertop
The good thing about ultra-compact surface countertops is that provide a completely new surface which offer maximum durability. These kitchen counter tops are highly stain resistant and barely scratch. They are UV resistant and fade resistant, therefore a good choice for outdoor as well as indoor kitchen.

• QuartZ countertops
QuartZ countertops have the advantage of giving the buyer, a variety in colors and patterns that will look great in the kitchen. These types of kitchen countertops are hard and non-porous with the advantage of being antimicrobial protection. Overall a great option for anyone.

• Granite Countertops
These counter tops are very durable and therefore are mostly favored by many home owners. They have a high level of resistant power against heat, scratch and any type of stain. If they sealed properly there is no tension of maintenance for many years to come.

• Laminate Countertops
Laminate kitchen counter tops are tough and they have huge variety of colors and patterns. They are easy to maintain and are also resistant to stain. Plus they are customizable with unique and creative finishing options and edge profiles.

• Solid Surface Countertops
Solid surface countertops are a multipurpose material for home and business. They offer a seamless mix and match options and have the convenience of sanding away scratches and scuffs.

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