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Kitchen design layout tips for industrial kitchens

Kitchen design layout tips for industrial kitchens

The kitchen design layout is the way the rooms are arranged and decorated. This is very important aspect that must be done once in a correct way. A kitchen design layout for industrial purposes should be done in such a way that the place for recipes or food is not the same as the place for the storage of cutlery and so on. When doing your kitchen design layout, it is important that you consult with an expert.

Two key things

Before you seek the services of an expert, there are two key things to be taken note of. They include:

  • The layout of room: The layout of the room should put into consideration storage, washing and cooking point.
  • The positioning of the equipment: The way in which the cooking and processing equipment is set up in the room. Where should a dishwasher, oven or freezer be?

A successful kitchen design layout ensures that people and goods move smoothly through the kitchen. This requires well-thought workplaces and perfect placement of equipment.

Three types of kitchen design layouts

Kitchen Design Layout - 2

Kitchen Design Layout

  1. The production area

Under production areas, we mean all areas where people work with food; this may vary depending on the kitchen design. You can imagine that a great hotel kitchen needs more preparation than a snack kitchen. Spaces that you may find in this place are:

  • The warehouse for dry rations such as rice or spices etc.
  • The cold storage for crude products such as meat, fish, vegetables etc.
  • The preparation area. The space where preparations such as soups and sauces are done.
  • The cold kitchen. For cold dishes such as salads appetizers etc.
  • The warm kitchen. To cook meat, fish and vegetables.
  • The patisserie. For cakes, pies, mousse etc.
  • The dishwashing area. This must be separated from the preparation area to avoid mixing up food and dirty utensils.
  1. The areas for storage of materials and tools
  • The warehouse for materials for cleaning and maintenance. This should be an exit space because it is a space where chemicals are often stored.
  • The warehouse for storage of kitchen tools (cooking and frying pans, bain-marie baking batter basins etc.)
  • The warehouse for storage of bowls and serving materials (materials for parties or buffets).
  1. The staff rooms
  • The locker rooms
  • The sanitary facilities (toilets and showers)
  • The food or restroom
  • The preparation of the inventory and equipment

The kitchen design layout of kitchens can differ. This is tailored to the available space (s). A well appointed kitchen must meet several conditions:

  • A clear layout: You must be able to oversee the various workplaces. Communication is important in a kitchen.
  • A logical sequence: Workplaces must be so organized that the operations can be performed sequentially, i.e. hot dishes should be as close as possible and the refrigerator shouldn’t be too far away from the workplace.

Kitchen Design Layout

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