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Some kitchen desk ideas to beautify your cooking space

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, there will be a place where you can add a kitchen desk, depending on the design of the space. A lot of people are against the opinion of having an office in the kitchen, however the question arises, and “why not”? Why cannot a kitchen have a desk from where people can work easily?

Find The Right Place

The thumb rule of fitting a kitchen desk is to find the right spot, organize and conquer. With a little bit of designing tips and organization skills, you will be able to have the most perfect desk in your kitchen area.

Some Tips And Tricks

  • Choose the correct place for the job. In case you have a dead space around your kitchen area, utilize it. Find an empty wall and imagine how the table would look against it.
  • Make sure that the table has ample storage space to keep all your paperwork. Also try to use the walls as much as you can; install a mini board on the wall, to write reminders on it or to just write a quote, for inspiration.


  • Pullout shelves can be a boon, for storing things like printers and other electronics.
  • Having a kitchen island will help in differentiating between the office area and the cooking area. This demarcation will be very helpful.
  • Having as many power sources around the kitchen area is very important. This way you can use computers, mobiles, table lamps, etc. at the same time.
  • Consider the lighting of the place. It is imperative for the working space to be well lit. Placing the kitchen desk near a window will ensure natural light throughout the day.

Jazz Up Your Table A Bit

In case you will use your computer frequently, try and use a chair which is comfortable, so that you can work with ease without body ache. For the office junk, try to make use of old boxes, they are easy to store and can be customised to complement the rest of the kitchen. Also, try to have a closet over the desk, one which has opaque shutters to conceal all the clutter, this way you will be able to enjoy your kitchen desk.


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