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Types of kitchen door hinges

If you have decided to remodel your kitchen, some of the things that you should consider are the type of wood, cabinet design, and the style of finish. In most cases, when remodeling the kitchen, you will be considering the types of paints and how the cabinets, but fail to pay attention on other things like drawer pulls and kitchen cabinet door hinge. The kitchen door hinges and pulls on the cabinets highly contributed to the final kitchen decoration.

Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges

During the time when you will be shopping for the kitchen cabinet door hinge, you will be given a variety of options. Cabinets that have got a face frame fits well with concealed kitchen door hinges. In this case, half of the kitchen cabinet door hinge will be visible whereas the other half will be mounted on the back of its door. The other type of kitchen cabinet door hinges is the surface mounted. This will work best for the cabinets that have face frames, whereby both the leaves of the hinges are seen. You can also consider purchasing the hidden versions of the surface mounted kitchen cabinet door hinge.

Overlay Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinge

Inset or overlay kitchen door hinges are hinges that shows the pin from the cabinet’s front side. They include full and partial wrap hinges, which fastens the edge of the side panel and back of the cabinet door or the face frame. The other type is the European kitchen cabinet door hinge which is fastened to the inside of the side panel and to the back of the door or just attach to the edge of the cabinet’s face frame. With this type of kitchen cabinet door hinge, you will have a completely hidden hinge for your cabinet.

Pivot Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinge

The other type of kitchen door hinges ts that pivots at two points rather thhat you can consider is the pivot kitchen cabinet door hinge. It comes with a variety of styles and will work best for dooran along a hinge pin. These types of door hinges can still be installed as concealed hinges. The types of hinges that allows the door side, back or pivot open into the sides of the cabinet is known as flipper door slide or pivot door slide.

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