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Kitchen door replacement

A step by step guide on kitchen door replacement
Home remodeling projects can sometimes be very expensive. However, you can choose to save yourself from such costs by doing the renovation yourself. One of those areas that you really don’t need to spend on is your kitchen door replacement. Kitchen door replacement is a very important renovation activity. This renovation project can transform the whole atmosphere of your kitchen. Instead of having your kitchen door replacement done by a professional technician, you can actually do it yourself.
Kitchen Door Replacement

With a new kitchen door, you can give your   kitchen a whole new look. If the base of your kitchen is still good, personally fixing new kitchen doors is the most economical option to renew or renovate the kitchen. New kitchen doors or kitchen fronts come in many different ways and designs. In this article article, we will look at a step-by-step guide on how you can make that happen?

  1. Locate the hinges on your kitchen door. Depending on the style, they will either be hidden in the closet and out of sight or outside and always visible. European-style hinges are in the cabinet doors and are easier to remove.
  1. Tighten the screws holding the door to the door frame. Usually, you will find two or three screws per hinge. Unscrew the screws binding the hinge to the door for a quick kitchen door replacement. If you are planning to use different hinges in your new kitchen door replacement, remove the hinges together with the doors.
    1. Insert the new door and hinges. If necessary, mark the position of the screw holes on the door and on the cabinet when drilling holes for new hinges. Take care not to snug fit the door so that you are able to open it without sticking. Ask a friend to help keep the cabinet doors in position as you do your kitchen door replacement.
  1. Drill the holes and attach your brand new hinges, if desired. Drill holes in the door frame if they are not drilled. Place the hinge on the hole and put back the screws. Make sure the screws are tight and that your kitchen door opens and closes easily.


  1. Fill any visible screw holes you have not used using screw filler. Cover them using abrasive material and then paint over it to adapt to the existing color of kitchen door. Use a wooden screw hole cover place when working with wood surfaces.

Well, your kitchen door replacement is just as simple as that. You could save yourself expenditure worth hundreds or thousands of dollars with these simple instructions. Thank you for reading our kitchen door replacement manual.

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