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Is having a kitchen door necessary?

Is having a Kitchen door necessary?
These days, there are so many houses with kitchen lounge in a room, and many times a kitchen’s way is directly from the lounge making a separate area of the kitchen with no smell or odor. But deciding whether one should have a kitchen door or not depends on so many factors and is not a decision to be made just like that. It is build upon what are the victuals given for prevention of fire, warning and spread are made in the house as a whole, and it also depends on the age of construction.

Kitchen Door

Open-kitchen concept
For years kitchens have been strictly a roll top. Mostly, squeezed in the back of the houses, it only had space for the bare needs. But these days, there is a new concept introduced in new houses called the “open-kitchen concept” and it is generally located at the heart of the houses. Now, people want their kitchen to be an alive part of the house! But some people are still in the favor of having a separate room for the kitchens. They are in favor of a more close-off planning of the house.
Ventilation as the factor
Mostly it depends on the factor whether your kitchen is well-ventilated or not. If it is, then there is not really a need of having the door. But if it is way too ventilated that it would even extinguish the stove flames, and then it’s better to have a door.

Kitchen Door

Because your kitchen can be messy at times
Some people believe that having a kitchen door is safer and looks good. If you’re regular cook, then there are chances that your kitchen may look messy at times, which doesn’t give a good impression to the people living in your drawing room, the lobby area or the living area (the part of the house to which the kitchen is connected). So, why take the risk when you can simply have a best solution for the aesthetic view- having a kitchen door! You can hide all that veggies and stuff spread around in the kitchen simply by a door!

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