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Choose from the best kitchen floor ideas

Kitchen Floor Ideas

When choosing between different kitchen floor options design and color are very important considerations. But what most people forget to consider is the durability factor of any floor material and whether it can match your lifestyle. The kitchen floor takes the maximum amount of traffic in any household. It is here that you walk, play, run, eat, spill, scrape, sit and so on. This article will give you many kitchen floor ideas that you can use for your own kitchen.

Natural stone flooring – This is one of the most durable and easy to clean flooring options that also provides a timeless appearance to any kitchen. The only drawback is that it can be a bit expensive and might get really cold and uncomfortable during winters.

Cork kitchen floor – Cork is a natural material and comes in various colors and patterns. It is warm and sustainable and gives a slight cushiony feel. However, make sure that you seal it, like you would do for any hardwood kitchen floor, to protect it from water damage. Another great advantage is that it is less likely to shatter your dishes in case you accidently drop any of them on the floor.

Linoleum floor – Linoleum is made from linseed oil, wood flour, cork dust, ground limestone and pigments, and tree resins that are pressed together on a jute backing. It is highly durable and lasts for a long time. Also, it is easy to clean and is available in many colors and patterns.

Vinyl kitchen floor – This is the most reasonably priced material that you could ever find for a kitchen floor. Moreover, as new technology keeps coming up, it is now possible for vinyl to be customized to give the appearance of wood, leather, stone or tile. Vinyl feels soft to walk on and is easy to clean.

Bamboo floors – Bamboo is a rapidly renewing wood as even after harvesting the root stays in the ground and allows tall bamboo tress to grow out of it making it a great substitute for regular hardwood floors. It is sustainable and versatile and is also cheaper than hardwood flooring.

Ceramic floor tiles – Tiles comes in many different colors, shapes, sizes, textures and patterns. There is so much variety that one can never go wrong with this choice. Also ceramic tiles are fairly inexpensive when compared with other flooring options. The only drawback is the possibility of dirt accumulation in between two tiles, which can make cleaning a bit difficult.

Traditional hardwood flooring – One of the most popular flooring choices, hardwood floor give the kitchen a warm, natural look. They are comfortable and if properly maintained can last a lifetime.

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