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Layout of kitchen and its importance

Layout of kitchen refers to the basic floor plan which calculates the size of kitchen space and then determines how to use it. It also includes the placement of large appliances that consume the kitchen space. If the space is big, planning becomes easy but it becomes a challenge when space is small. Kitchen floor planning has gained more importance in the present times when the houses are becoming smaller due to lack of building spaces and affordability issues and the kitchen gets only a slice of space.

To get a perfect kitchen floor plan one can hire a professional who does all by himself and you just have to pay and wait for the final outcome. If you don’t wish to spend a lot of money in hiring a professional, you can keep following things in mind and start yourself:

Size/ area

Measure the size of the kitchen with accuracy. Also measure the height and depth of the walls. This will help in the placement of large appliances like refrigerator. Size of platform should be enough to cook the meals.


Kitchens are categorized in basic shapes.

• L shaped- It has two shelves laid in the shape of the alphabet. It is considered decent in size.
• U shaped- A three shelved layout with large space. It takes the shape of ‘U’.
• Single walled- It is a narrow kitchen with a single shelf and all cabinets are placed above this shelf.
• Gallery shaped- It has two shelves opposite to each other with a narrow gallery in between.

Size and placement of the appliances

It is very important that the sizes of appliances are in sync with that of the kitchen and there is enough space to move around.

Use of software

Use software that show you a virtual set up of your proposed kitchen floor plan in 3d before actual set up.

A neatly designed floor layout will give a spacious look to the kitchen and will also provide enough platform space to cook without you bumping into the walls and appliances.


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