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The abcs of the kitchen floor tile

The ABCs of the Kitchen Floor Tile

A kitchen floor must be durable and completely resistant to moisture. Tiles remain great and are still immensely popular for use in the kitchen. The choice ranges from ceramic tiles to unglazed terracotta and everything in between. Not all tiles are equally suitable for the kitchen. Some unglazed tile types must be impregnated first. Natural stone is also possible, but need some extra maintenance. Other possibilities are a tight cast floor or terrazzo. Laminate wood is also a possibility. A hard coating or impregnation makes the wood water resistant.

Which kitchen floor tile is the best?

The Kitchen floor tile, like the bathroom tile, is a paragon of hygiene and cleanliness. Cleanliness and hygiene are easy to pronounce in one breath with the use of floor and wall tiles. They are easily washable and bring a freshening flavor into your kitchen. This is particularly with reference to glazed tiles. The hygiene aspect therefore depends on the type of tiles being used.

The glazed kitchen floor tile also brings that extra added value compared to classic wallpaper, robust rugs or traditional vinyl covering. They will just be slightly more expensive than previous but they must also be seen as a lifetime investment. They come in different colors, sizes and patterns. These tiles are indeed the best and are certainly better than the extensive range of vinyl and wallpaper.

The durability of kitchen floor tilesKitchen Floor Tile

Kitchen Floor Tile

Sustainability is of extremely high importance when we talk about kitchens. Kitchens are usually regarded as places that handle walking visitors everyday. Everyone passes on the kitchen floor several times in a normal day to take a drink, have a bite or wash hands. The kitchen is also a place where heavy appliances like freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc are placed. It is therefore extremely important to choose tile that can withstand weight and scratches.

Tiles often have a PEI standard with which to help a buyer to make choice. The PEI-norm in fact, provides the durability of the tile, ranging from 1 PEI, for tiles that are barely amount to PEI up to 5, for high-durability tiles. This standard should be observed in the choice of porcelain or stone tiles such as marble, slate or travertine.

Choice of kitchen floor tile

In smaller kitchens, the use of small tiles (e.g. <30 x 30 cm) to obtain a beautiful and smooth flow is the best choice. Larger tiles (e.g. 45 x 45 cm) are particularly suitable for use in large kitchens where it is possible to install the full tiles without having to cut them.

Many large kitchens use a multi-format principle. This involves the use of tiles that are of a similar pattern but of 2, 3 or even 4 different sizes to coat the kitchen floor. The walls are of course always about everyone’s personal choice and taste. Small tiles have always played a leading role in the kitchen but the larger kitchen floor tile is increasingly popping up in new kitchens.

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