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Give a makeover with kitchen flooring

Kitchen flooring requires an investment that is done once in many years. Hence it should selected and decided upon considering various factors like material, design, size, pattern, color etc. The kitchen flooring can change the look of the kitchen making it appear more attractive and beautiful. It makes the kitchen lively.

Types of kitchen flooring

• Hardwood flooring
• Vinyl flooring
• Porcelain flooring
• Cork flooring

Benefits of hardwood flooring

 It makes the kitchen look modern and stylish
 It is very durable
 It provides warmth and looks attractive
 It is low on maintenance
 They have high water resistance
 They are worth the investment

Advantages of Vinyl flooring:

 It is suitable for people who cook a lot
 Easy to clean and maintain
 It is a cheaper option for flooring
 It is soft flooring and smooth and comfortable for the feet
 They are water proof and stain proof
 They come in different patterns, size and colors


Uses of Porcelain tile

 It is the toughest flooring among all types.
 They are easy to maintain

Benefits of Cork flooring

 They are eco friendly
 They are softer than the wooden or tile flooring
 It has slip resistance and is high on safety
 They are naturally colored and do not let water seep into the floor

When selecting the flooring for your kitchen one should always focus on durability, maintenance, cleaning. One should also keep the budget in mind and decide accordingly. The kitchen flooring should match with the other flooring of the house. It should be as per the style and decor of the house. It should be dried easily and should not be slippery. The pattern and style should also be selected keeping in mind the design of the house. A change in the kitchen flooring makes a lot of difference to the house and gives a new makeover to the house improving its value in the market. Kitchen flooring cannot be changed every year, hence the decision should be taken appropriately considering different factors.

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