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Creating a functional kitchen island

A kitchen island is the heart of your kitchen, and making it truly stand out is what most desire, isn’t it? Doing so isn’t that hard a task if you know what you want and have the exact ideas in mind. If not, well, then that shouldn’t be a cause of concern for you, for when you read ahead, you’ll discover the best tips for designing a kitchen island that deserves to be the center of attraction of your kitchen, as well as your house.

Bigger is not always better

This is amongst the most common mistakes that homeowners make while designing kitchen islands. In this case, bigger is not always better, and most often the most functional and efficient kitchen islands are no more than 42 inches in length. What matters most in terms of constraining the size is the clearance around the island. 36 inches between the edges of the island tops and any other countertop or wall is the bare minimum, while 39 is a little better and 42 inches is the ideal. Also, kitchen islands that are too big are harder to clean and maintain, which is why less is often better in such situations.

Creating an island with kitchen cabinets


The most common design for kitchen island design is using a cabinet that is no more than 2 feet in depth. With a little innovation and creativity, a lot can be made from using nothing more than a semi-custom cabinet, which is something most manufacturers would gladly help you with. You can very simply get a small island designed, using features that would make it look like a fine part of your furniture and not some wooden box with plywood.


What it will be used for

Before designing, it is a good idea to know what tasks of baking or cooking you can relegate to the island. This can get you a helper in a separate part of the kitchen without causing any interference to each other. Designing with a function in mind will be what will make all the good things happen. Have a specific function for the kitchen island in mind and then start building it with that function.

A simple idea and a few elements in mind is all that it takes to design the most functional and excellent kitchen island. If that is all that it takes, then what’s stopping you from creating the design that you’ll love?

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