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Kitchen island plans and designs

In the modern era, cities are growing at an alarming rate. One of the negative effects of the industrial revolution was that a large number of people began to migrate to the cities, which led to an acute shortage of space. Architecture and civil engineering trends began to change according to the need of the hour and the presentation of housing also quickly changed.

One of the common trends that have been introduced is the kitchen island in the kitchen. This architecture not only saves space, but it makes the living room cum kitchen cum dining room very spacious and large. Theoretically, the surface area of ​​the room remains the same, but the psychological effect is excellent. A kitchen island is a perfect piece of furniture that fits in the middle of such a room.

Uses of kitchen islands

There are almost countless uses of this piece of kitchen furniture that usually has a smooth, flat top surface and excellent storage space. People tend to use the kitchen island for storage, such as a dining table, cutting surfaces, etc. It can also be used as wine cabinet, wine rack or refrigerator.

Kitchen island plans Kitchen Island Plans

There are many kitchen island plans. Each plan is designed according to the different needs and requirements, taking into account the size of the kitchen. Below are some kitchen island plans and designs:

  • Folding kitchen islands: Kitchen island plans in small kitchens usually have collapsible sides and the size of the upper surface can be easily reduced. Such islands are usually made of wood or plastic with some variations. The tops of these islands are not composed of stone because the weight can damage the folding mechanism of the table.
  • Kitchen Island with stove: There is no limit to creativity, which is used by manufacturers. This is one of the kitchen island plans that have a heater installed therein. It also has a fireplace or an attached overhead exhaust. These islands usually have a top of stone and there is very less wood in them. Wood in such cases also tends to be a threat, as there is a probability of it catching fire.
  • Kitchen Island with a refrigerator: This is another of those kitchen island plans a small refrigerator in it. This design is gradually becoming more popular because the freezer is a perfect storage space for fruit and drink. It is also an excellent place to store beer or champagne. Sometimes, this cooler is also used as a wine cooler. No need to go down to the cellar every time!


Choosing the best of all the available kitchen island plans can be a difficult task, because each design looks attractive and appropriate. Therefore, it all rests upon your choice and preference.

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