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Best kitchen island units

When people shop for kitchen designs, perhaps the most important thing they are looking for is a kitchen island unit. Kitchen islands are the centerpiece of kitchen around which all the hanging around and entertaining happens. It is the soul of the kitchen, which is why it becomes all the more important that you research and look at any different kitchen island units before selecting one for your kitchen.

There is so much of variety in kitchen island units that choosing one is sure to be a daunting task. They come in different sizes and shapes and you can choose any material for the worktop. Also, if you don’t like any readymade designs there is an option of designing your kitchen island unit. This article will tell you all the things you need to consider before buying and installing kitchen island units.

Kitchen Island Units


Assess the space – Look at the design of your kitchen and see whether you really have enough space for a kitchen island unit. Try marking an approximate area on the floor with tape and see if it leaves enough room for you to move around freely. If not, you will either have to reduce the island size or knock up adjacent walls to create more space. Alternately you could also opt for a small readymade kitchen island unit.

Functionality aspect – Focus on the functionality of the kitchen island. Consider aspects such as how tall do you want it to be, how many drawers, how many cabinets and shelves and so on. Also think about whether you want the kitchen island unit to serve only as a workstation or do you want it to feature a breakfast area too.

Outfitting the Island – Once you have the kitchen island unit’s design in place think about what other things you will need to buy to complement the island. Depending on what use you will be putting the kitchen island to you will either need cooking material handy if you will be using it as an additional work space or chairs and bar stools if it is going to serve as an eating area. Also think about how you can use the space inside the cabinets and drawers so that everything you need while working at the island is within easy reach.

Lighting it up – A kitchen island unit will also need an overhead light fixture. You can opt for soft pendant lights or drum lights.

Fitting in with the style – While you are busy decorating the island don’t forget to keep in mind the look of the rest of the kitchen. Make sure the islands blends in with the kitchen design or else it will stand out as a sore piece.

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