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Model your cookery with the best kitchen layout ideas

Kitchen is one the most important part of your home, and designing a proper lay out of the kitchen is the best way of garnishing that important part. Some people even make it the most expensive unit as well as the most splendid one.

The Kitchen

Layout is the blue print of how your kitchen would look. What would go where, the placements, the design, and the spaces? An ideal layout would be everything fitting exactly into the spot where it should be with lots of room for you and few more to cook, talk, eat, and move freely. A splendid kitchen could easily catapult the beauty of your house as well as your stature in front of friends, family and neighbors. For a new house, the options are innumerable. For an existing kitchen, well then your choices are somewhat restricted.

There are a huge number of layouts that are used. The most notable ones are; one wall, L-shaped kitchen, Galley kitchen, U-shaped kitchen.

How a proper kitchen layout matters

Best Layout ideas for you

Single Wall kitchen: This is one of the simplest design. Everything placed along a single wall. If your house is small or space is restricted, then one wall kitchen is your best choice. With all appliances, cabinets placed within close proximity, the biggest advantage is you can reach them all pretty easily. Ideal for single person cooking, single wall kitchen is still the most widely used kitchen design style if your space and money is restrained.
L Shaped kitchen – Yes, you guessed it correct. The design is exactly what the name says. The shape in the form of English letter L. It goes straight and then extends perpendicularly either towards left or right to give you some extra room with less congestion. You may place the main appliances along the longer wall and other secondary items along the shorter wall.

Galley Kitchen- If you have a bigger house with extensive space for your kitchen, Galley style is highly recommended. Galley design makes it look almost like a hall way. The kitchen might look narrow but it runs long with two parallel walls on each side. Galley design is considered as one of the most efficient kitchen layout and is extensively used in restaurants and food joints.. There is one drawback though, galley design doesn’t support a spacious dining. So you may have to extend your kitchen or add some extra room just to arrange for dining.

It’s not necessary for a kitchen layout to have room for seating. This is the part where you can play with your ideas, move things, apply thoughts, and build the perfect kitchen for your perfect home.

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