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The importance of good kitchen lighting design

If you are remodeling your kitchen area, then you need to give due importance to lighting of the kitchen like you give to other aspects in the kitchen. There is no doubt that you need to give a lot of thought when it comes to kitchen lighting design. You should have the right lighting in the right area so that you do not have any hassles when using the kitchen. As there are a lot of tasks performed in the kitchen, it has to be having adequate lighting so that the tasks are completed comfortably and safely.

Lighting Tips

The kitchen lighting design must be in accordance with the size and the shape of the kitchen space. All the work areas need good and ample lighting so that the tasks can be performed easily without any hassles. The lighting has to offer functionality as well as must add to the appearance of the kitchen. The fixtures must be mounted close to the task areas and must be placed in such a way that it is shadowless. If you have a kitchen island, then the best option is to go for hanging lights. It must be a little over 5 feet from the floor. Start with the task areas first and then cover up all other areas.

Types Of Lighting    

There are four types of kitchen lighting design that you can think of namely, task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. Each of these lighting types serves a special purpose and is different from one another. Ambient lighting is low intensity lighting and is used in most areas of the kitchen. Task lighting offers high intensity light glow and is limited to use in places like cabinets and sinks. Accent lighting is used to show off some of the important things in your kitchen. You can use it to show off your new refrigerator or baking oven or expensive dishwasher.


There are various types of kitchen lighting design that you can come across online. Check them out and opt for the ones that you find is most suitable for your kitchen space.

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