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Kitchen maids – no more a need

Kitchen maid refers to a woman domestic worker who helps in the cooking and other kitchen tasks. These maids helped the woman in the house in all kitchen activities including cooking, cutting, chopping, mixing, grinding, storing, cleaning etc.

Why kitchen maids were used?

During the ancient time women especially in the rural areas had to take care of their family, house as well their farms. Also during that time there were no modern appliances available and hence they had to do all cutting, chopping and mixing tasks on a stone by hand. The kitchen was also very large with very few fixtures and open shelves. The gas stoves were either made from stone or wood. Women in the urban areas belonging to the upper middle class could afford a maid. They kitchen maids were kept for cooking a variety of food and doing the kitchen chores. For them they were like a status symbol.

Cleaning activities in the kitchen

Besides cooking the maids had to do the cleaning of the kitchen. Cleaning kitchen fixtures and taking care of them are very important to maintain hygiene and increase the longevity of the kitchen fixtures. This involves

Cleaning wooden cabinet’s surface:

One needs to clean the interiors and exteriors of the cabinets on regular basis. One can use some cleaning solution too.

Everyday care:

It is important to clean the kitchen sink and platforms every day. The area near the sink should be properly cleaned.


The doors, drawers, knobs of the cabinets should be cleaned with a mild soap and then dried with a cloth.

Cleaning Mirrors:

The mirrors in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets should be cleaned. No fingerprint or stain marks should be visible on them.

Glass care:

The kitchen appliances and other glass fixture needs cleaning on a regular basis to maintain its shine and attractiveness.

For these and many other activities it was necessary to hire a kitchen maid.

Kitchen replaced by Modern kitchen cabinets and appliances

Due to the invention of new modern style kitchen and appliances life has become easy and comfortable. All cutting, chopping and mixing tasks can be done easily with modern appliances. The contemporary cabinets are also very versatile and easy for storage. Now there is no longer any need to hire a kitchen maid. The Appliances and cabinets have replaced the kitchen maids.

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