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Kitchen manufacturers and popular kitchen brands

Kitchen Manufacturers and popular kitchen brands

If you have decided that you would like to buy a new kitchen, it is important that you get to know about the best kitchen manufacturers and the best brands across the world. If you are curious about the differences between kitchen brands, read all about the different kitchen brands and how to choose the best kitchen brand.

The best kitchen brand

Simply put, there is no best kitchen brand. The only difference is that one kitchen brand may use better and more sustainable materials than the other kitchen brand. Then the other difference is the cost or price. The best kitchen brand for you is the kitchen which provides the functionality you desired. It is that kitchen equipment that you acquire at the best price and is of the best quality.

Durability of kitchens

The first question you should ask is how long you expect to use the kitchen. The longer you will continue to live in the house, the greater may be the demands you make on the durability of the kitchen.

Price of the kitchens

The price is based largely on the kitchen brand. Another factor with which determine the discount percentage offered by kitchen manufacturers is what determines the retail price of a kitchen. Some kitchen manufacturers offer discounts up to 45% during the negotiations. In other kitchen showrooms, you will get an affordable price where there is little room for negotiation. Read information and experiences with kitchen suppliers to clarify for yourself what the pricing of the kitchen manufacturer is.

Kitchen Manufacturers

Well known kitchen manufacturers

  • Alno: Alno AG. Alno AG is the largest kitchen manufacturers in the world and manufactures the brand Alno.
  • Ballerina:Ballerina is a German kitchen brand.
  • Beckermann is a German kitchen manufacturer.
  • Bribus is a Dutch kitchen brand which focuses primarily on the business market.
  • Bruynzeel is one of the famous Dutch kitchen manufacturers.
  • Bulthaup is one of the famous German kitchen brand and is known for its strong emphasis on the architecture of the kitchens.
  • Comprex: The Italian kitchen brand produces kitchens of the hand of interior designers like Lino Codato and Marconata & Zappa.
  • Dovy is a Belgian family business that has been making kitchens for over 30 years cuisines. The philosophy of Dovy is that the kitchen is a central place in the house. For that reason, the kitchen should not only be functional, but there too dazzlingly beautiful.
  • Grattarola is an Italian kitchen brand which was developed by a family business consisted of sawyers and furniture makers.
  • Häcker Systemat Häcker kitchens come from the factory in Germany.
  • Hebaform:  The German brand Hebaform Hawking delivers kitchens in three styles: modern kitchens, classic kitchens and handless kitchens.
  • Ilwa builds kitchens that are fully adapted to your needs and your lifestyle.
  • Keller is a Dutch kitchen manufacturer.

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