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 Kitchen Models 

The kitchen is the central place for every home. It is the kitchen where the family      meets to have dinner together or relax. It is also a place where the kids spend their  time doing homework while the mother or father cooks while keeping an eye on the  kids. How a kitchen looks like depends and varies entirely from person to person  according to their lifestyle and how functional they want their kitchen to be.

An important factor behind how a kitchen looks like is the space available for it in    the house. Some homes have really small kitchen spaces while others may be so huge as to even accommodate a dining area. Whatever the space may be, you can use the given space in the most efficient way and model your kitchen to suit your needs. Following are some of the many the different types of kitchen models you can use:

      • Gallery style kitchens – For home with a smaller kitchen space, a gallery style kitchen works really well. In this kitchen model all your appliances, sink and cooking area run parallel to each other on opposite sides of the kitchen walls. There is little scope for having more people in the kitchen at once, but when you are already pressed for space, this is best way to use it efficiently in making sure you at least have all the basic amenities that you want in your limited space.
    • L-shaped kitchens – This is one of the most common kitchen models that you come across in homes. This too does not have much room for organizing your appliances, sink and cooking area much but, being an L shape it does give a feeling of being much more open than a gallery or corridor style kitchen. In case you have space, adding an island will give you more scope of interacting with your guests while you cook.


  • U-shaped kitchens – U shaped kitchens are more popular and found in homes that have a larger kitchen area. As the name suggests, these kitchens are shaped like the letter U, with appliances, cabinets, sink and the cooking area surrounding on all three sides. At the center lies the island which works great as a work and prep area.
  • L-shaped islands – If you are lucky enough to have a huge space at your disposal then you can have a huge kitchen, the kitchen of your dreams. You may have an L-shaped counter space which houses your appliances and cabinets. Opposite to it you can place a symmetrical L-shaped island that could double up as a work space as well as an eating area.

Depending on the space and your preference you can design your own kitchen model to suit your needs.

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