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Kitchen organizers make life organized and simple

Kitchen Organizers

The kitchen is one such room in the entire household that stores the maximum number and variety of items. You need to have utensils, dishes, tools, gadgets, appliances, cabinets, linen and the list just goes on and on. Now you can’t leave things lying around haphazardly. You need a system to store and organize all these things. This is where kitchen organizers come in place. This article will tell you different ways in which you can store things in your kitchen.

Lazy Susans – Lazy Susans are nothing but turntables that you can use to put many things such as oil dispensers, salt and pepper shakers, vinegar bottles, honey and other things. Whichever item you need you just need to turn it till you find what you are looking for.

Hang pots on the wall – For those who do not have much cabinet space, you could hang your pots and pans on the wall above your cooking range. You could also hand them from the ceiling.

Put hooks inside cabinets – Attach some hooks inside the cabinets and hand wiping cloths and other items to save on space.

Kitchen Organizers - 2

Kitchen Organizers

Chalk board inside cabinets – You could also place a chalkboard on the inside of your cabinets and write down the things you want to buy on the next purchase.

Labeled containers – If you can, always buy labeled containers so that you don’t waste time looking for the right spice or anything else. Alternately you could label them yourself with stickers.

Tension rods – You can put some tension rods vertically between the shelves in the cabinet and use them as separators to keep your baking trays and chopping boards.

Baskets for cleaning supplies – Organize your cleaning supplies by putting them all in one basket, so that each time you want to clean you only have to take out the basket and not individual sprays, detergents and scrubbers.

Hanging shelves for storing books – If you don’t have place to store your cookbooks just install some hanging shelves and put your books on them.

Stow tools in a large jug – Instead of stowing your spoons, spatulas and ladles in drawers, why not reuse an old jug or can and put all your tools in it to save space.

Lid racks – Invest in some good lid racks to forever solve the problem of storing lids and finding the right one at the right time.

Shelf organizers – Shelf organizers are great for stacking up more items such as dishes and cups in cabinets with fewer shelves.

All of these ideas are great for solving your kitchen storage and organization problems.


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