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Illuminate your kitchen with kitchen pendant lights

Kitchen Pendant Lights

Are you looking for a lighting solution in your kitchen that is both attractive to look at and functional at the same time? Try installing some kitchen pendant lights to get the desired result. With such a variety of styles, designs and colors, pendant lights offer you the perfect solution to your lighting problems with beauty and practicality. This article will tell you all you need to know about kitchen pendant lights.

There are many different types of kitchen pendant lights:

  • Mini Pendants – They are usually used to light smaller areas such as corner desk or work area in the kitchen. They only provide a different ambience or mood to a room.
  • Multi-light Pendants – They have multiple hanging lights that are connected to one main light fixture. This can be used over kitchen islands, dining tables and other work areas.
  • Down and up light pendants – As the name suggests, down light pendants are the ones where the light is directed downwards. The up light pendants throw the light up towards the ceiling and therefore should not be placed in an area where you need proper lighting.
  • Drum pendants – As is obvious from the name, drum pendants are shaped like a drum with the light bulb fitted inside the drum. The drum is usually made of soft linen but can be customized in any color of your choice.

Different areas in the kitchen require a different kind of lighting depending on the functionality of that area.


  • Kitchen Island – You can hang a pendant light above the kitchen island to illuminate your workspace. Make sure you keep the size of the island in mind before you choose the pendant. It should neither be too big nor too small and should also match the décor of your kitchen. You could either hang one big pendant light or a combination of two or three different pendant lights to give a creative look. Glass shades are the most appropriate choice for an island as they give out the maximum light.
  • Corner workspace – For a cozy corner a small pendant light that exudes soft light and sets a different mood for that area is the best choice. A drum shaped pendant light would be the ideal choice for this space.
  • Dining area – A dining area can need bright or soft lights depending upon the kind of meal you are having. Allow for this flexibility when you choose pendant lights for this area. You could install two to three lights here, some bright and some soft and arrange the electrical system in such a way that it is convenient to switch between two modes. Alternately you could also go for pendant lights that come pre-installed with diffusers.

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