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Different kitchen plans

Kitchen Plan

When you design your kitchen plan the first thing to keep in mind is the layout of the kitchen; i.e the shape of your kitchen floor. You first need to look at how the kitchen looks when it is bare, without any appliances and cabinetry. Only then will you get a clear idea of where and how all the different elements of your kitchen should be placed to get the maximum use out of your space. This article will talk about some kitchen plans and how to optimize them.

There are five major kitchen plans that more or less all kitchens broadly fit into. It is according to these plans that you end up designing how your cabinets, appliances and islands should be fit. Let us look at all of them one by one.

L-shaped kitchen plan

An L-shaped kitchen creates a natural triangle between the continuous counter space and work stations. This provides cooks with the most efficient work area allowing them to move effortlessly from one place to another in the kitchen giving easy access to all areas. Also, the L-shape helps in opening up the kitchen area to another room, probably a dining area or a living room this giving the kitchen an open feel.

U-shaped kitchen plan

This is the most versatile kitchen plan ever, giving a lot of scope for storage and maneuverability. Mostly found in larger kitchen, this kitchen plan gives a lot of counter space for multiple work stations and also allows for an island to be placed in the middle. The large area makes it a great place for the family to hang out and entertain.

G-shaped kitchen plan

This is a relatively uncommon kitchen plan that is not naturally found in many homes. It is like a typical U-shaped kitchen with one end twisted to form a G shape. This end typically works as a breakfast area that can also double up as a storage unit with cabinets under the counter top.

Single walled kitchen plan

Where the kitchen space is limited you will usually find the kitchen on only one side of the wall, with everything from the work station to the appliances all lined up on one side. The trick to use this space to the optimum is by installing cabinets on the wall as well as under the counter.

Corridor kitchen plan

In these types of kitchen plans, there are two walls running parallel to each other, like in a corridor, each lined with appliances and cabinets. This is another great idea if you have smaller kitchen area and want to maximize the space.

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