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Kitchen plans

Alternative ideas to remodel your kitchen
Remodeling your kitchen is the best way to upgrade your kitchen with all the essentials within your budget. Here are some alternative kitchen ideas to transform your kitchen by cutting down on your expenses.
Hang your utensils
When you are looking to save some of the space used for cabinets in your kitchen area then the best alternative idea is to hang your kitchen items like cups, wineglasses and similar items under the cabinet. This alternative idea of hanging your glassware will make your kitchen space look organized and safe guards your fragile utensils. Kitchen Plans

Unique shelving ideas
There are some alternative shelving unit ideas where utensils like mugs, trays and less frequently used items can be hanged in special places like under a cabinet. This will save some space as well as cut down on your costs involved in installing larger cabinets to place all your kitchen items randomly. These special shelving units are available in different styles and models and can be easily purchased from any hardware stores or home improvement outlets.
Utilizing the space in the sink tray
Although it seems unusual, it is a good idea to utilize the sink tray area as it remains rarely used. Smaller kitchen items like sink cleaning brushes and other small utensils can be placed in the sink tray area where you save some space involved in setting up additional cabinets to hold these items. You can buy these small sink trays easily from any hardware retailers to be used for this storage purpose. Using this area for storage will also get rid of the sponges seen in the sink.
Kitchen Plans

Another alternative storage space idea is the stair shelving system. The counter cabinet has a lot of space between the drawers where you can install stair shelves. You can store additional utensils like pots and their lids, smaller kitchen tools and appliances which you are unsure about where to store them otherwise.
•Gravity feed systems for kitchen
The gravity feed storage systems are the best alternative storage solutions to a kitchen where a lot of canned items can be placed in them thereby saving extra cabinet storage space. •

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